School Drug Prevention Program


Tobacco consumption starts during early years (11-15 years of age) incited by peer pressure, societal norms and can continue throughout the life causing severe addiction and extreme health hazards.

It is wise to instil an intervention during early years to prevent the initiation and hence prevent future hazards.


It’s a classroom-based substance abuse prevention program for 7th and 8th graders that’s proven to reduce the experimental and continued use of drugs.

Its curriculum motivates students against drug use, cultivates new non-use attitudes and beliefs, and equips teens with the skills and strategies they’ll need to resist the substances most prevalent among teens.


It is effective, grounded in solid science and easy to put to work in the classroom.

And most importantly, our scores show that our ability to influence a teen’s decision to not use drugs isn’t just possible, it’s proven!

​Toxin Taxation has designed a comprehensive program that not only caters to the young population but also educates adults who are associated with these young minds.

Program Details

The lesson plans build positive expectations about life without drugs. It includes a mix of activities, guided discussions, role-playing exercises and visuals.

Lessons help teens learn and practice new skills and strategies for resisting drugs.

Eleven core lessons are taught once per week in the 7th grade, and three booster lessons are taught once per week in the 8th grade.

Program includes:


-Classroom Posters

-Interactive student videos

-Lesson Plans

-Home Assignments

-Role plays


11 weeks in 1st year with 3 weeks in 2nd year

​Classes once a week for 1 hour

38 Million

boys and girls aged 13-15 consumed tobacco products

9 out of 10

smokers starts before the age of 18

Over 2/3

of those trying just one cigarette go on to become daily smokers

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