Prabhitha S


With over a decade of experience in the field of education, Prabhitha S is a passionate educator and consultant based in Hyderabad, India. Her diverse roles as a School Consultant, Language Trainer, Creative Head, Value Educationist, Director for Communication, Art and Events; reflect her commitment to holistic learning and development.


Since June 2012, Prabhitha has been dedicated to transforming educational environments through her consultancy services and training programs. She has advised numerous schools on strategic development and improvement initiatives, striving to enhance the overall learning experience for both teachers and students. Her expertise lies in conducting comprehensive language training sessions, where she focuses on English proficiency and communication skills enhancement.

As a creative professional, Prabhitha has spearheaded various innovative projects aimed at fostering creativity and engagement within educational settings. Notably, she served as a voice-over artist for an educational animation project with Rumi International Organization, concurrently training a group of students in voice and accent techniques. Additionally, her collaboration with the British Council on freelance basis underscores her commitment to delivering high-quality communication and language training workshops.

Prabhitha’s dedication to holistic education extends beyond language proficiency. She has developed and implemented value education programs designed to instil ethical values and character development among students. Furthermore, her role as Director for Value Education and Communication skill at Toxin Taxation demonstrates her commitment to promoting social responsibility and ethical leadership.

 Certification in Training:

Prabhitha holds an International Advanced Diploma in TESOL/TEFL with Specializations in Business English Teacher Training and Train the Trainer Program (Certified by CPD (Continuing Professional Development) – Recognised for completion of professional training aligned with CPD standards), a testament to her commitment to professional development and excellence in education.

Key Skills and Characteristics:

  • Communication and Language Skills Training
  • Value Education
  • Voice and Accent Training
  • Empowering Minds: Nurturing Values and Life Skills
  • Phonetics Training for Toddlers
  • Storytelling Techniques for Excellence

Passion for Teaching and Training:

Beyond her professional achievements, Prabhitha is deeply passionate about teaching students and training teachers. Her unwavering dedication to empowering individuals through education is evident in her commitment to nurturing values, fostering creativity, and facilitating holistic growth.

In addition to her professional endeavours, she is deeply passionate about music. She believes in the transformative power of music to inspire creativity, foster emotional expression, and cultivate a sense of community. In her professional perspective, she firmly believes that music possesses the unique ability to cultivate focused minds and enhance personality development. Through its harmonious rhythms and emotive qualities, music has the potential to instil discipline, foster concentration, and nurture emotional intelligence. Prabhitha advocates for the integration of music into educational and developmental practices, recognising its profound impact on shaping well-rounded individuals with strong cognitive abilities and resilient characters.

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